Setup Guide

Afk Zone setup guide

Step 1

Upload our plugin to the plugins folder found in your server. Proceed to placing your license in the configuration file (instructions: Proceed to starting up your server.

Step 2

Log onto your server and type /afkzone wand - you will be given a special blaze rod. With the blaze rod, click each corner of the area you want to create an afk zone in.

Step 3

Once you have selected both corners of the desired area with the blaze rod, you need to execute the command /afkzone create <zone_name> <rewardFrequencySeconds>. This will then create you a zone which will execute commands every x amount of time.

Step 4

Enter /afkzone list to view all the active AFK zones you have created. This command will display the list and locations of each zone for easy management.

Step 5

To set commands that run at the reward frequency interval, use /afkzone command add <zone_name> <command>. Replace <command> with the server command you wish to execute, such as giving items or currency to the players in the zone. You can use {player} to for the player name.

Step 6

To remove a specific command from an AFK zone, use the command /afkzone command remove <zone_name> <command>. Ensure to specify the exact command you wish to remove from the zone's list of commands.

Step 7

If you need to delete an AFK zone, you can do so by typing /afkzone delete <zone_name>. This command will remove the zone from the server completely. Be certain about this action as it cannot be undone.

Step 8

For any changes to take effect or after adding commands in the actual file giv, you must reload the plugin. You can do this by issuing /afkzone reload command. This will reload all configurations without the need to restart your server.

Step 9

In case you encounter any issues or have questions, you can access the plugin's help menu by typing /afkzone help. This command will provide you with a list of available commands and usage instructions.

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