# If a message starts with 'actionbar:' it will send that message as an action bar!
# If a message is empty it will not send.

# Messages that occur when applying an enchantment
only-compatible-with: '&cThis devil enchant is only compatible with &4{0}&c.'
enchant-already-applied: '&cThat enchant is already applied to that item!'
enchants-limited: '&cYou are only able have a maximum of &d{0}x&c devil enchants per
successfully-applied: '&aSuccessfully applied {0} &ato your item.'
enchant-disabled: '&cThat enchant is disabled!'

# Messages that occur whilst an enchantment is active
dodged-hit: '&4** &c&oYou have &ndodged&r &c&o{0}''s hit&r &4**'
dodged-hit-notify: '&4** &c&o{0} has &ndodged&r &c&oyour hit&r &4**'
combo-started: '&4** &c&oYou have started a new &ncombo&r &c&oon {0}!&r &4**'
combo-started-notify: '&4** &c&o{0} has started a new &ncombo&r &c&oon you!&r &4**'
combo-continued: '&4** &c&oYou have put {0} in a &n{1}x combo&r &c&o!&r &4**'
combo-continued-notify: '&4** &c&oYou have been put in a &n{1}x combo&r &c&oby {0}!&r
been-backstabbed: '&4** &c&oYou have been &nbackstabbed&r &c&oby {0}!&r &4**'
have-backstabbed: '&4** &c&oYou have &nbackstabbed&r &c&o{0}!&r &4**'
guardian-activated: '&5** &d&oYou have been given &nregeneration&r &d&obecause of
  your guardian enchant!&r &5**'
hoard-activated: '&2** &a&oYou have spawned a &nhoard of zombies&r &a&oto {0}!&r &2**'
hoard-activated-notify: '&2** &a&o{0} has spawned a &nhoard of zombies&r &a&oto attack
  you!&r &2**'
venom-activated: '&4** &c&oYou have &npoisoned&r &f&c&p{0}!&r &4**'
venom-activated-notify: '&4** &c&o{0} has &npoisoned&r &f&c&oyou!&r &4**'
blindness-activated: '&4** &c&oYou have &nblinded&r &f&c&o{0}!&r &4**'
blindness-activated-notify: '&4** &c&o{0} has &nblinded&r &f&c&oyou!&r &4**'
pick-pocket-activated: '&2** &a&oYou have &nstolen {1}&r &a&ofrom {0}!&r &2**'
pick-pocket-activated-notify: '&2** &a&o{0} has &nstolen {1}&r &a&ofrom you!&r &2**'
thor-activated: '&6** &e&oYou have released the &nhammer of thor&r &e&oon {0}!&r &6**'
thor-activated-notify: '&6** &e&o{0} has released the &nhammer of thor&r &e&oon you!&r
forge-activated: '&8** &7&oYour {0} has been &nslightly repaired&r &7&obecause of
  your forge enchant!&r &8**'
self-inflicted: '&6** &e&oYou have &nself inflicted&r &e&oyourself!&r &6**'
concussive-blow-activated: '&8** &7&oYou have given {0} a &nconcussive blow&r &7&ofor
  {1}s!&r &8**'
concussive-blow-activated-notify: '&8** &7&o{0} has given you a &nconcussive blow&r
  &7&ofor {1}s!&r &8**'
withered-edge-activated: '&8** &7&oYou have given {0} a &nwithered edge&r &7&ofor
  {1}s!&r &8**'
withered-edge-activated-notify: '&8** &7&o{0} has given you a &nwithered edge&r &7&ofor
  {1}s!&r &8**'
double-shot-activated: '&8** &7&oYou have given {0} a &ndouble shot&r &7&oresulting
  in double damage!&r &8**'
double-shot-activated-notify: '&8** &7&o{0} has given you a &ndouble shot&r &7&oresulting
  in double damage, ouch!&r &8**'
purge-activated: '&8** &7&oYou have &npurged {1}x&r &7&o positive effects from {1}!&r
purge-activated-notify: '&8** &7&o{0} has &npurged {1}x&r &7&o of your positive effects!&r

# Other messages
bought-enchant: '&7You have successfully bought &b{0} &7for &b{1} &7exp.'
not-enough-xp: '&cYou don''t have enough experience, you need &b{0}&c exp.'

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