ManticSwords Configuration Files

# Prefix for the majority of messages
prefix: '&8[&4Mantic&cSword&8]&7'

invalid-player: '&cYou have entered an invalid player name!'
player-not-specified: '&cYou need to specify a player.'

not-enough-crystals: '&cYou do not have enough crystals to purchase this! &7(Cost:
crystals-reset: '&cYour crystals have been reset!'
crystals-set: '&cYour crystals have been set to {amount}.'
crystals-removed: '&d{amount} &acrystals have been removed from your account.'
crystals-paid-by: '&d{amount} &acrystals have been paid to you by &d{player}&a.'
crystals-paid-to: '&aYou have paid &d{amount} &ato &d{player}&a.'
crystals-given-to: '&aYou have given &d{amount} &acrystals to &d{player}&a.'
crystals-given-by: '&d{amount} &acrystals have been given to you by &d{player}&a.'
balance-self: '&aYour balance is &d{amount} &acrystals.'
balance-other: '&a{player}''s balance is &d{amount} &acrystals.'

passed-captcha: '&aYou have passed the Captcha, you can continue killing mobs!'
failed-captcha: '&cYou have failed the Captcha, you must wait 60 Seconds to try again!'
- '&cYou have failed the Captcha, you have been kicked!'
timeout-captcha: '&cYou have timed out, you must wait 60 Seconds to try again!'
cooldown-captcha: '&cYou have to wait {time} to do this!'
captcha-inventory-title: Click the {0}

mobs-killed: '&aYou have killed &d{amount} &amobs!'
mobs-killed-other: '&d{player}&a has killed &d{amount} &amobs!'
cannot-use-on-player: '&cYou cannot use this on a player!'

mob-sword-received: '&aYou have been given a Mob Sword!'
not-holding-sword-message: '&cYou need to have a Mob Sword in your hand to use this!'
toggled-autosell: '&aYou have toggled AutoSell to {state}.'
must-have-autosell: '&cYou need to have AutoSell unlocked to use this!'
autosell-toggled-true: '&a&lβœ”'
autosell-toggled-false: '&c&l✘'

money-received-chat: '&aYou have been paid &c{amount} &afrom your last sell!'
money-received-action-bar: '&aYou have been paid &c{amount} &afrom your last sell!'

max-level: '&cMax Level'
upgrade-success: '&aYou have upgraded your {enchant}&a to level {level}!'

item-purchase-success: '&aYou have purchased {item}&a for &c{cost} &acrystals!'

mob-not-whitelisted: '&cYou can only use this sword on these mobs: &d{mobs} &7&o(Mob
  sword effects won''t activate)'

item-drop-confirmation-title: '&cDrop again to confirm!'
item-drop-confirmation-subtitle: '&cAre you sure you want to drop this item?'

mob-top-placeholder-format: '{name} - {amount}'
crystal-top-placeholder-format: '{name} - {amount}'

cannot-use-in-world: |-
  &cYou cannot use this in this world!
  &cAllowed Worlds: {worlds}

# If they are empty they will not send.
  title: '{0} &a&lAvailable Commands:'
  sword: ' &7/{0} give <player> <type> <max=true/false>'
  captcha: ' &7/{0} <player>'
  upgrade: ' &7/{0}'
  currency: ' &7/{0}'
  currency-top: ' &7/{0}'
  shop: ' &7/{0}'
  mob: ' &7/{0}'
  mob-top: ' &7/{0}'

  title: '&a/crystals help &eBrings you to this menu'
  balance: '&a/crystals balance &eLets you check your own crystal balance'
  balance-other: '&a/crystals balance <player> &eLets you check the crystal balance
    of others'
  shop: '&a/crystals shop &eLets you open the Crystal Shop'
  pay: '&a/crystals pay <player> <amount> &eLets you pay your crystals to other players'
  give: '&a/crystals give <player> <amount> &eLets you gift players crystals'
  remove: '&a/crystals remove <player> <amount> &eLets you remove crystals from players'
  set: '&a/crystals set <player> <amount> &eLets you set crystal balance of a player'
  reset: '&a/crystals reset <player> &eLets you reset the crystals of a player'
  reset-all: '&a/crystals resetall &eLets you reset the crystals of EVERY player'

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