Mining Economy's API Download, information and example usage.

Example Usages:

MiningEconomy miningEconomy = (MiningEconomy) JavaPlugin.getProvidingPlugin(MiningEconomy.class);
miningEconomy.setMine(location, mineType);
The above code will set a new mine at that location.
public void onCoinTransfer(CoinEvent event) {
final CommandSender giver = event.getGiver();
if (!event.getType().equals(CoinEvent.Types.SET) || giver.hasPermission("example.permission")) return;
giver.sendMessage(ChatColor.translateAlternateColorCodes('&', "&cInsufficient Permission."));
The above code will disallow anyone who does not have the permissions example.permission or if the type of transfer is not SET, the event will be cancelled.
public class NightVisionEnchant extends Enchant {
public NightVisionEnchant() {
super("Night-Vision", false);
public void onPlayerMine(PlayerMineEvent event) {
event.getMPlayer().getPlayer().addPotionEffect(new PotionEffect(PotionEffectType.NIGHT_VISION, 20, 1));
event.getMPlayer().sendPrefixMessages("&aYou have been given night vision!");
The above is an example of how to make your own enchant.
MiningEconomy miningEconomy = (MiningEconomy) JavaPlugin.getProvidingPlugin(MiningEconomy.class);
miningEconomy.registerEnchant(new NightVisionEnchant());
You will need to register the enchant like the above.