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Free Addons

When you purchasing MiningEconomy you will receive access to these addons.

Anyblock Addon

Instead of using the built in "/mining editor" you'll be able to filter the mines with this. (Currently the block will return to it's original state with this addon rather than a random block as configured in the main plugin)
By using the config below, you are able to filter the block, world and regions (world guard support):
blocks: # make sure material type is in upper case
'COAL_ORE': # specific ore
Regions: # Requires world guard
enabled: true
whitelisted: # regions that this 'COAL_ORE' area classified as mines
- 'MineArea'
- 'Warzone' # regions are case-sensitive
enabled: true
world: 'world' # Limits Coal Ore mine filter to one worlds (case-sensitive)
'DIAMOND_ORE': # specific ore
enabled: true
- 'MineArea'
- 'Warzone'
enabled: true
world: 'world'
Anyblock reload command: /anyblock reload
Last modified 2yr ago