ServerBot Configuration Files

single-ticket-panel: false
# ticket ids don't need to be manually set, use /ticketpanel
ticket-channel-id: 0
ticket-message-id: 0
log-console-to-file: true
fast-shutdown: true
enable-discord-logging: true
log-channel-name: logs
store-messages-in-cache-millis: 86400000

# true means they will be logged, put to false if you want to disable
  avatar-changes: true
  name-changes: true
  join-voice: true
  voice-leave: true
  move-voice: true
  member-join: true
  member-leave: true
  channel-topic-changes: true
  channel-creation: true
  channel-deletion: true
  channel-permission-changes: true
  member-role-added: true
  member-role-removed: true

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