Mantic Development's Darkzone Minecraft Plugin

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🌜 ManticDarkzone 🌛 ((1.8, 1.17, 1.18, 1.19, 1.20.x))

Features (All features can be disabled)

➙ Custom Mobs - Mob Limits, bound to an area (optional), max/min y level spawn locations, ability to make the mobs passive or not (obviously mobs passive by default cannot be made agressive) - Custom Drops (Item or command based) (drop chances are weighted) - Darkzone Shop (Trade drops for something else) - Ability to change mob type. - Configurable armour, weapons and potion effects (for mobs that support it)

➙ Built-in Portal System - In-game portal creator - Portal visualisation (to view activation blocks)

➙ Anti Enderpearls

➙ Command Blocker - Advanced command blocked - Ability to block then rewhitelisted parts of a command (i.e block '/f' then whitelist '/f who')

➙ Ignored Regions - These areas ignore restrictions such as the command blocker and anti enderpearls

➙ PlaceholderAPI Support https://docs.mantic.dev/manticdarkzone#what-are-the-placeholderapi-placeholders

(Test server on test.mantic.dev)

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