Mantic Development's Sets Minecraft Plugin

🛒 mantic.dev/product/manticsets - $15 🔐 Requires ManticLib (free) and supports from 1.8 upwards

ManticSets is extremely configurable, we have made pre-made sets which will automatically generate when you load the plugin. These can be modified or remove accordingly. You are also able to create your own custom sets (click here for more information)!

➡️ Pre-made Sets | It comes with 12 pre-made sets:

(These are pre-configured and can be FULLY changed) » Damage Set | Increases damage given to players & mobs » Patching Set | Reduces damage taken from players & mobs » McMMO XP Booster Set | Receive more McMMO XP » ShopGUI+ Booster Set | Lower buy prices and higher sell prices » EXP Booster Set | Boost your XP earnings » Token Booster Set | Earn more tokens (ManticHoes) » Crystal Booster Set | Earn more crystals (ManticSwords) » Shard Booster Set | Earn more shards (ManticRods) » Coin Booster Set | Earn more coins (MiningEconomy) » Money Booster Set | Increase money earned from tools » Absorption Set | Receive absorption potion effect » Regeneration Set | Receive regeneration potion effect ➡ Custom Sets | Ability to create your own sets (with optional weapons) ➡ Customisable configs and messages ➡ Admin Menu | Quickly give yourself a ManticSet for testing! ➡ Modifiers | Value modifiers within Sets ➡ Potion effects | Easily add potion effects to your sets ➡ Custom Model Data Support

Simply create a new .yml file in the sets folder found within ManticSets, copy over another sets settings then edit it accordingly to make another set, with your own modifications! Restart your server or type /manticsets reload and it'll ready to use!

➡️ Equipping Sets | Messages and Action Bars

➡️ Admin Menu | Quickly give yourself a ManticSet for testing!

➡️ Modifiers | Value modifiers within Sets

As you may have noticed, the example set has a lot of modifiers. These modifiers are what make the set modify an existing value.

Examples 0.0 - No change 1.0 - 100% increase 0.33 - 33% increase -1.0 - 100% decrease -0.75 - 75% decrease and so on...

➡️ Potion effects | How can I add potion effects?

Follow the format of the example below:

  - potion: REGENERATION
    amplifier: 0
  - potion: RESISTANCE
    amplifier: 0

potion = Potion effect that the player will receive amplifier = the level of the potion effect (amplifier: 0 will give level 1)

➡️ Integrated plugins

(as of 2nd May 2023)

  - ManticHoes
  - ManticSwords
  - ManticRods
  - MiningEconomy
  - ShopGUIPlus
  - mcMMO
  - RivalHarvesterHoes
  - RivalMobSwords
  - RivalFishingRods
  - FactionsKore
  - SkyblockKore
  - Scyther
  - PlaceholderAPI
  - SuperMobCoins

💡New features | Have anything you would like to see implemented?

Any ideas for more sets, modifiers or plugins we can add support for? We're more than happy to consider implementing them, make a ticket in our discord!

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