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Commands and Usages

Breakdown of Mining Economy's commands and usages
Coins command (/coins):
The actual command is what you set in the config at:
# This is the economy name, this will also act as the base command for the economy. Placeholders will still use "COINS"
economyName: "coins"
Therefore, we are assuming that the command is /coins.
Usage: /coins <balance/pay/give/set> <player> <amount>
balance = displays how many "coins" you have
pay = send part of your balance to another player
give = (admin command) where you summon "coins" to a player
set = (admin command) where you set a players balance to an amount
Mining Economy command (/miningeconomy, /mining):
Usage: /miningeconomy <give / editor / version / forcesave / reload / captcha>
give = give a player a mining pickaxe (/mining give <player> <amount>
editor = enter a mode where you can edit mines
version = returns the plugin version
forcesave = saves all data files
reload = reload configuration files
captcha [force/clear] [player] = force a player to do a captcha or clear their cooldown
Whilst in editor mode you will have access to:
/mining set <mine-type OR air> - air will remove the mine
/mining replace <material> <mine-type OR air>