ManticRods Configuration Files

# Put your license key here, if you don't have one, you can get one at

# The default balance of a player.
starting-shard-balance: 1000
# This is the amount of shards you get per fish caught. If you want to disable this, set it to 0.
# Please be aware that a 'shard finder' enchant in 'enchants.json' may affect the amount received by the player.
shards-per-fish: 1
# Available types are RAW (172123), COMMA (172,123), and SHORTENED (172.12k)
shard-balance-format: COMMA
# Whether or not the Shard Shop is enabled
enable-shop: true

# Options (case-sensitive): ManticRods, ManticHoes, MiningEconomy or ManticSwords
# If the plugin cannot be found it will default to the internal economy.
economy-provider: ManticRods

use-menus-for-leaderboards: true

# Whether or not to automatically send captcha's to players
enable-captcha: true

# This is the chance of a captcha happening catching rods (The higher the number the lower the chance, currently 1/10000)
captcha-chance: 10000
# This is the duration in ticks (20 ticks per seconds) that the player cannot use the tool
captcha-block-ticks: 1200
# This is the max duration a player can take to solve the captcha
captcha-timeout-ticks: 1200
# If false, captcha will be random blocks/items
do-maths-captcha: false
# If true, players will be kicked if they fail the captcha
kick-on-captcha-fail: false

# This is how often the money from rods is sold and deposited to players in Seconds
sell-timer: 15
send-sell-chat-messages: false
send-sell-action-bar-messages: true

default-starting-enchant-level: 1
default-max-enchant-level: 15

should-give-default-exp: true
item-drop-confirmation: true

# This is in ticks (20 ticks per second), 15 ticks being the lowest
default-catch-time: 400

# If an enchant has only one level, such as autosell and this is enabled the 'unlocked' message will replace number in the lore for that enchant when it's been upgrade, the opposite goes for 'locked'
  enabled: true
  unlocked: '&aāœ“'
  locked: '&cāœ•'

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